Acknowledgments from Polish Organising Committee of the Krakow 2015 Technical Meeting (10-12 June 2015)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
A week of exciting professional meetings has just finished. Networking, exchange of expertise and experience as well as social interactions have come to the end. The Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers is very pleased to host you in Krakow. We are happy that we were entitled to organise ICAR Technical Workshop 2015 and we took this chance to host nearly 350 colleagues and friends from 41 countries of all 5 continents.
The first time ever the ICAR meeting took place in Poland. And it was an excellent occasion to give you a bit of taste of Poland, show you a bit of our culture and traditions and get you familiar with nowadays Poland.
There are always questions for the dairy world that affect all the organisations being active in this branch. We hope that these days in Krakow will further strengthen the good cooperation between all ICAR members.
The success of the conference was not in first place a result of the organisers´ work. It was also a result of the engagement of all participants, speakers and experts at the meetings as well as the contributions of the sponsors and exhibitors who all played a crucial role to make this event a successful.
Therefore Polish Federation wants to thank all the sponsors and exhibitors for their support of our conference and all colleagues present in Krakow for their commitment to ICAR Technical Workshop and our joint work.
We hope that all of you had a save trip back home and you enjoyed your participation in the conference as well as your stay in this vibrant city of Krakow. For us it was a truly remarkable and enjoyable conference and we are happy you were a part of it – hopefully you feel this way, too!

The Polish Organising Committee

Pictures taken at the Krakow Technical Meeting, 10-12 June 2015









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